Using your Ticket Protection

We are delighted to introduce Ticket Protection, offering you a hassle-free solution for cancellations by providing a TodayTix voucher for the cost of your tickets and transaction fees, all within the app. It's easy! If you’re looking for information on Ticket Protection before buying, visit our Adding Ticket Protection article.

How do I redeem my Ticket Protection? 

Access Your Order: 

Open the TodayTix app and go to your ‘Orders’ section.

Find Your Order: 

Locate the upcoming order for which you wish to activate Ticket Protection.

Cancellation Option: 

Within the order details, you'll find the option to ‘Cancel with Ticket Protection’ up to 24 hours before the show. Select this option to proceed.

Confirmation Email: 

Following the cancellation, you'll promptly receive a confirmation email containing your voucher code. This code can be used towards any future order on TodayTix.

Can I add Ticket Protection after purchasing tickets?

No, Ticket Protection cannot be added after you've made your purchase.

Can I use Ticket Protection for only part of my order?

At this time, Ticket Protection can only be added and redeemed against a whole order. If you’ve purchased Ticket Protection and redeem it, this will cancel your full order.

Can I reinstate my order if I redeem Ticket Protection?

Once Ticket Protection is redeemed, we can't reinstate your original order. However, if you'd like to repurchase tickets (even for the same date), select "Add voucher" at checkout and enter the voucher code you received via email. If your original tickets are still available, you can repurchase them.

What if I don't use the full voucher amount?

Your Ticket Protection voucher will retain any remaining balance, so you can apply that to another order!

Do I have to apply my voucher to the same show?

No, your Ticket Protection voucher isn't restricted to a specific show. You can use it for any future purchase.

I’m not able to redeem my Ticket Protection. What is going wrong?

Ticket Protection is redeemable up until 24 hours prior to performance time. If you’re trying to redeem before this cut off but you’re experiencing an issue, please get in touch with our Customer Experience team who can help to resolve the issue.

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