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TodayTix Ticket Protection

Ticket Protection FAQs

TodayTix Ticket Protection

Cancel your booking up to 24 hours before showtime and get a TodayTix voucher for the cost of your tickets and transaction fees. It’s that simple.

We understand that life happens. Purchase Ticket Protection to recoup 100% of your ticket price and transaction fees in the form of a voucher which you can redeem for a year from the date of issue for any show on TodayTix. With minimal additional cost, you can rest easy knowing that in the case of an unexpected event, you will be able to cancel up to 24 hours prior to your showtime — no questions asked. Simply visit My Orders in the TodayTix App and choose “Claim Ticket Protection.” We’ll automatically send a voucher to your email.


How do I redeem my Ticket Protection?

To redeem your Ticket Protection, please log in to your TodayTix app and navigate to Me > My Orders > Cancel with ticket protection. When redeemed, you’ll receive a confirmation email immediately which will include a personal voucher code to apply to a future order. 

Your voucher code can be applied to any future order and is valid for one year from the issue date.

Please note that Ticket Protection is only available through the TodayTix app. 

Can I use Ticket Protection to redeem only part of my order? 

Ticket Protection applies to complete orders and cannot be redeemed for partial orders.

What if I don't use the full voucher amount?

Your Ticket Protection voucher will retain any remaining balance, so you can apply that to another order!

Do I have to apply my voucher to the same show?

No! Your Ticket Protection voucher is not locked to a specific show. You can apply it to any future purchase.

Can I add Ticket Protection to my order after I purchase tickets? 

Ticket Protection cannot be added after purchase. For questions regarding your order, please select “Submit a request” above and our Support Team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I reinstate my order if I redeem Ticket Protection?

When you claim ticket protection we cannot reinstate your original order. If you’d like to purchase new tickets (even for the same date), select “Add voucher” at checkout and enter the voucher code you received via email when ticket protection was redeemed.

Can I apply my voucher or gift card to Ticket Protection?

Yes! Your TodayTix voucher code or gift card can be added during the checkout process by clicking “Add voucher” in the payment section before confirming your purchase. 

Voucher codes and gift cards cannot be applied after your order is confirmed. 

Ticket Protection cannot be added after purchase.

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