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Gift Cards - Information + FAQs

Gift cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from $5/£5 up to $500/£500. Gift cards cannot be combined with any other gift card, voucher code, or promotion. Check out some of our frequently asked gift card questions below:



Making A Purchase

Purchasing a TodayTix Gift Card is simple, and provides the opportunity to see a show at a later date! Check out information about purchasing your gift card below:

Can I get a refund for my gift card purchase?

Sorry, all gift cards are an immediate final sale and are non-refundable.

Do gift cards expire?

Great news, gift card values do not expire!

Can I combine gift cards?

Gift cards cannot be combined with any other coupon, voucher code, or gift card.

Getting and Gifting A Gift Card

Curious about how you'll get your TodayTix Gift Card, or how to gift it to someone else? Check out some of our FAQ's below:

How will I receive my gift card?

Your gift card information will be emailed within 24 hours after purchase to the email associated with your order. You will receive a confirmation email followed by a second email containing the gift card code and information.

Can I get a physical gift card?

We only offer digital gift cards at this time.

How can I gift this gift card to someone else?

After purchase, you'll be sent gifting instructions in your confirmation email to send your recipient their gift card digitally.

Can I wait to gift my recipient their digital gift card, or do I need to send it by a specific time?

You're free to send your recipient their gift card at any time, and they'll receive it instantly. We just recommend you keep that email containing gift card information and gifting instructions in a safe place until you're ready to send.

How do I send multiple gift cards to multiple people?

Gifting instructions will be shared in your confirmation email after an order is placed. Please fill out a separate form for each recipient and their digital gift cards will be sent to the recipients' emails.

Can I store my credit on my TodayTix account?

Credit cannot be stored on your TodayTix account. Please manually apply your gift card to each order you'd like to use it towards. When using a gift card, the purchase value will be deducted with each use until the entire value has been redeemed.

Using Your Gift Card

Bought your TodayTix gift card, but not sure how to use it? You're in the right place! Get more information about how to use your gift card below:

How do I use my gift card?

You can redeem valid vouchers and gift cards by tapping "Add voucher code" on the checkout screen, then entering the code you were provided. Only one code, including vouchers, gift cards, and promotions, can be redeemed per transaction.

What can I use my gift cards for?

You can redeem your gift card for any productions currently available on our platform that is for sale in the same currency as your gift card.

What if my purchase is worth more or less than my gift card?

Gift cards and vouchers worth more than your purchase will retain any remaining value. The purchase value will be deducted with each use until the entire value has been redeemed.

If the order total is greater than the value of the gift card or voucher, the card will apply as a discount.

I forgot to enter my gift card at check out. Can it be added after my purchase is completed?

As all orders are final sale, we are unable to retroactively apply a voucher code or gift card to your purchase.

I bought a gift card in one currency, can I use the value to purchase in another currency?

We are unable to exchange the currency of TodayTix gift cards.

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