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Broadway's Best Shows - Streaming Series FAQ


I didn't get my streaming link.

After checking your spam, promotional, or equivalent inbox filters to ensure you have not received the streaming link access email, please contact us at If you have received your link and are experiencing technical issues, please contact

All the times are listed in Eastern Time, but I live in another time zone. When can I access the stream?

Any dates and times you see are listed in the United States Eastern Time and does not translate directly to your local time. For example, if the premiere time is listed at 8:00 PM United States Eastern Time it will be available at 5:00 PM Pacific Time, and so on. Please make arrangements to enjoy your performance in your time zone understanding of time changes.

What is the "Premiere Time" and the "Event Time"?

The premiere time is when the stream becomes possible for purchasers to view. Your event time looks like a show time during checkout or in your confirmation email. You are not restricted from watching the event at your listed event time. Purchasing for a future event time will still trigger your purchase confirmation email to be sent immediately.

Do I have to watch at my exact event time?

No. Each streamed performance in our Broadway's Best Shows series will be available on-demand for a limited period, beginning at the premiere time listed on the show page. If you purchase access within the available streaming window, your confirmation email should include your streaming credentials and you are free to watch on-demand at any time before the availability window closes. If you are an advanced purchaser, meaning you purchased more than four hours prior to the premiere time (not the "event time"), your streaming credentials will be emailed to you at four hours prior to the premiere time.

Please note that regardless of when your purchase is made or what your displayed event time is, the pre-recorded event will be made unavailable to all purchasers at the same time. This time at which access will be revoked is always included in your streaming credentials email and on the show page.

Where is the password?

The password is contained in the same email with your streaming link.

How do I put the stream on my TV?

While we can't advise on how best to watch on your specific tech set up, we recommend checking out Vimeo's Help Center if you're interested in watching somewhere other than your laptop.

I'm having technical issues with the video.

Please email if you are within the available streaming window. If the window to stream your performance is not open, please contact

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