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Using Zoom and Troubleshooting

What are the technical requirements for attending classes?

You'll need a computer or tablet with a camera and microphone, and a good internet connection. The class will use Zoom as the platform, so if you’re already able to communicate through Zoom, you’re all set. Please note your microphone may be controlled by a member of our team.

Do not mirror or screencast your computer to a television screen; this causes feedback that will disrupt the class.

How do I set up Zoom?

You'll need a free Zoom account to attend your class. Click here to create an account.

Some Zoom meetings do not require you to be logged into a Zoom account to participate, but TodayTix Classes do.

Zoom works best when you download the software or app. Make sure to log in to your Zoom account once you have installed the software.

Click here to test Zoom on your device.

Zoom Help

For more information about Zoom, visit the Zoom Help Center for more information.

If you experience technical difficulties during the class, contact for assistance. 

Click here to test Zoom on your device

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