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TodayTix Lottery

The TodayTix Lottery allows you to enter a chance to win discounted or free tickets to select shows.


Entering Lotteries

During the entry period, typically from midnight the day of the performance until when drawing begins, submit your name and number of tickets you'd like to purchase on the TodayTix app or website. 

Your chances of winning are not affected by when you enter. Winners are selected randomly.

Entry Modification

In order to protect the integrity of the Lottery, we are unable to modify your entry name, email address, phone number, or number of tickets requested. 

After purchase, if the production allows changes to any of this information, you can attempt to change them by logging into your TodayTix account and navigating to 'my orders'. If the option is not available, we are unable to alter this information. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you entered the incorrect pick up information on your entry you’ll be able to correct the pick up name and email address at checkout if you are selected as a winner.

If you input the incorrect contact information on your entry, you’ll be able to monitor your lottery status during the drawing on the “My Orders” section of your account.

Social Media Sharing

When you share your lottery entry on Twitter or Facebook, TodayTix will automatically double (for one share) or triple (for two shares) your chances of winning. You do not need to submit another entry, nor will you receive notification of your share, just complete the share(s) and your odds will be increased accordingly. 

Winner Selection

Selection is random and typically happens within a few hours before the show over a 2 to 3 hour timeframe. So that we can ensure that all lottery tickets are distributed, some users are waitlisted in case some of the winners do not claim their tickets, so you may not be notified right away whether you've won or lost. 

Lottery Status

  • Pending -- The lottery has not yet begun. Please check your Entry Confirmation email for the time frame when the lottery will be selecting winners.
  • Waiting -- The lottery is in the process of selecting winners, but your lottery status has not yet been determined. As soon as your status (Winner vs Non-Winner) is determined, you will receive an email.
  • Winner -- The automated lottery system has chosen you! Depending on the lottery, you will have either 30 minutes or 1 hour to claim those seats in the TodayTix app/website. Having trouble claiming?
  • Better Luck Next Time -- You were not chosen as a winner for this lottery. This will not affect your chances for winning in the future, so please keep entering!
  • Expired -- Your time to claim these tickets has expired. We are unable to reissue those tickets to you, as the system will automatically offer them to a guest with a Waiting status. This will not affect your chances for winning in the future, so keep entering!
  • Declined -- You have declined these tickets in the TodayTix app/website. We are unable to reissue these tickets to you, as the system will automatically offer them to a guest with a Waiting status. This will not affect your chances for winning in the future, so keep entering!
  • Purchased -- You have gone through the checkout process and purchased your lottery tickets. An email confirmation will arrive soon with all the necessary information. Please note: due to TodayTix and box office policies, Lottery tickets are an immediate and final sale.

Purchasing Lottery Tickets

You will need to log in to the TodayTix app or website (best to access on the same device and platform you entered), claim your tickets, and you will be presented with a check out screen where you will enter your pick up and payment information.

Setting Alerts

You can be alerted when the lottery opens next. Just tap the "Alert Me" button and we'll send you a reminder the next time the lottery is open for entry. 

Learn more about the Alert Me function.

Full Terms and Conditions for lottery tickets are available for each lottery on the in-app Lottery Entry page. 

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