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Generic Checkout Errors

There are a handful of reasons you may be encountering this errors, but here are some troubleshooting tips before you contact us: 

  • You may not be fully logged in to your TodayTix account. Please log in, or attempt to log out and log in again.
    • Please note: If you had initially connected your TodayTix account to Facebook, you will need to "Connect with Facebook" rather than "Log in to existing account".
  • A weak wifi or network connection could cause your order to "time out" and the order may not be completed.
  • If you are attempting to purchase Lottery or Rush tickets, the tickets may no longer be available.
  • Please force close the app or restart your web browser.
  • For our guests in the UK - Occasionally if your selection leaves a single seat, the venue's own plan will put a restriction on it, resulting in an error on our app/website. Please attempt a different seat selection.

If the error persists, please contact our guest services team with as many specific details regarding your purchase, mentioning:

  • The show title, performance date and showtime you are trying to purchase
  • How many tickets you have selected
  • When you've received your error
  • Exactly what the error message says
  • What device you are attempting to purchase from

These details will allow us to take effective action as quickly as possible.

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