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Confirmation Emails


An email confirmation is sent immediately to the address you provided for your order. If you don't see it in your Inbox, please be sure to check any Spam, Trash, Promotional, or Social folders associated with your email address. 

Please note: .edu email addresses will often be filtered directly to a Trash or Spam folder due to your school's filtering system.

Resending Your Confirmation Email

You can also access your full order confirmation and resend your confirmation email within the "My Orders" section of your TodayTix account. Please ensure the email address you’ve assigned to your order is correct and accessible. You’ll also see the option to resend your confirmation email from this screen.

If you are logged in to your TodayTix account and do not see your purchase under the "My Orders" section, or are still not receiving your email after attempting to resend multiple times, please contact us at the appropriate address below.

Changing an Email Address

Check out this page with information on updating your order confirmation email address.

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