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Stored Credit Card Information

Is my credit/debit card information safe?

Yes! TodayTix is certified PCI-compliant and our servers never see your full card information.


  • When you add a credit or debit card to TodayTix, the app negotiates directly through a secure HTTPS connection to our internationally-trusted payments processor, Braintree, which captures your card, generates a unique "token" and sends it back to the app. Braintree is the same payment network used by Uber and other popular apps. 
  • The token is a long randomly-generated string of numbers and letters and cannot be used to recreate your credit card information. It authorizes us—and only us—to bill your card for purchases you make. We store this token on our servers for your convenience. 
  • If someone ever managed to intercept or retrieve your token, they would not be able to use it or reconstruct any information about you. 

Deleting Stored Payment Information

  • On the app: Click Me -> Account & Settings and remove your card information under Payment Method
  • On the website: Select the dropdown menu beside your name in the upper right corner. Click My Account -> Show Account Settings and click Remove next to Saved Card.

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