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Save A Seat Fund - Information + FAQ

Our mission at TodayTix is to Find a Seat for everyone, and we plan on delivering on our promise, even now. We’re going to find a way to give back something healing to those healing us. We’ve set up a contributable pay-what-you-can fund, which will go toward sending frontline workers to the theater once it reopens.


What is the Save A Seat Fund?

When theaters reopen, it’ll be a moment history will never forget. So we’re launching the Save a Seat Fund to make sure we can celebrate those who deserve it the most — frontline workers. To kick it off, we’ll be saving 1,000 of the best seats for frontline workers so that the performers, artists, and creators come back to an audience of heroes.

Because we don’t want to stop at a 1,000 seats, we have created a fund for people to contribute to, with 100% of the money raised going towards sending frontline workers to shows on Broadway and beyond.

How was the 1,000 seat donation number identified?

One thousand donated Broadway seats is equivalent to filling the average-sized Broadway theater.

Where are the tickets coming from?

Each contribution will go towards the cost of a seat. We're coordinating with shows to ensure we're getting great seats for frontline workers through the generous contributions to this fund. There will be no cost to frontline workers (we are waiving our fees).

What types of seats are these?

The seats can be anywhere in the theater, and include some front row and premium seats.

Who can participate?

The fund is open to all people in the U.S. to send frontline workers to see performances once theater re-opens.

Contributions can only be accepted in USD at this time. While we’re currently kicking off here in the States, it’s our hope that the fund will be replicated globally too, reaching those passionate about theaters reopening once again in our other TodayTix international markets.

How is TodayTix defining, verifying, and selecting frontline workers?

While this can vary from state to state, the standard definition of an essential employee is someone that performs work involving the safety of human life and the protection of property. This includes healthcare and services workers.

As we work toward our contribution goal, we’re directly with organizations that have frontline workers on their staffs and member lists to facilitate attendance logistics for recipients of “Save a Seat” tickets.

At launch, the Save A Seat Fund does not offer a nomination functionality.

How do I contribute to the Save a Seat Fund?

Beginning on May 5. 2020 at approximately 9am Eastern Daylight Time, contributions to the Save a Seat fund can be made by visiting and clicking on the dollar amount that matches your desired contribution. You will then be guided to a Shopify page to complete your contribution. As TodayTix is a for profit organization, your contribution is likely not tax deductible. Please consult your attorney and/or accountant.

How does my donation translate to seats?

The average TodayTix theater ticket in the US is around $50 (outside of Broadway). 100% of your contribution will go toward seats for frontline workers. We’ll work with our 1,500 partners nationwide to buy seats using this fund.

Can I contribute money to help frontline workers in my area?

Yes, you can contribute! While we cannot specify where your dollars will specifically be allocated, The Save A Seat Fund will be used nationwide to buy tickets for frontline workers across any US city TodayTix has a presence in (including but not limited to:  NY, NJ, SF, LA, DC, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and more).

Can you tell me more about the exclusive invites and more?

While we are still working to finalize the details of these offers, it is likely we will offer contributors special content regarding TodayTix original programming.

If I contribute more than once, do I get more than one $10 voucher?

The voucher for contributors is valid for $10 off your next purchase on TodayTix. U.S. residents only, valid up to 6 months after theaters reopen, limit one per contributor.

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